Connecting you and your audiences from post ToPost. The complete social media management platform.

All-in-One Social Media Management Platform

Take ownership, feel empowered, and up your social media game! With Topodium Group’s very own social media management platform, becoming your own social media manager has never been so easy. Schedule content, publish across multiple channels and platforms, utilise our social listening tool and monitor brand sentiment, engage with your audiences, and prove out ROI in your own custom reports… all in one user friendly dashboard.

Build Your Audience Relationships

The whole point of social media is in the name; to be social!

With ToPost, everything is housed in one centralised place, so you can see all your messages, comments, shares and likes and quickly take action. With your Priority Inbox, you can keep track of what’s important to you and engage with your customers and audiences instantly to build that essential audience following.

Stay Fresh and On-Trend With Content

Create, curate and collaborate! Design and produce your own killer content in our social media management platform, or utilise our content search engine, full of recommendations across hundreds of sectors, industries and interests.

If you want to keep tabs on your competitors, or if you’re interested in a specific industry, you can track keyword terms, brand mentions and hashtags, and stay ahead of the curve.

You’ll never be stuck for fresh content or ideas ever again!

Post For Social Media Success

Take your posts to the next level and prime them for success.

Not only can you identify optimal distribution times for each piece of content, you can schedule your posts to publish when your audiences are most likely to engage.

Already have quality evergreen content? Utilise our Queue system to automatically recycle best-performing content in the future.

Easily Integrates With Your Social Accounts

ToPost is built with social media managers in mind. We provide super flexibility so you can manage your social integrations in a way that suits you.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Monitoring your performance is key to understanding your success and areas to improve. Our in-depth reporting feature allows you to build custom reports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. For an instant snapshot, we have pre-built reports to get you started, ready to be emailed as interactive reports to yourself or your colleagues.

On top of that, each piece of your content can be tracked using in-built tracking codes and monitored straight through to your Google Analytics integration.

As simple as that, you’ll be able to demonstrate your value!

ToPost Pricing

Enterprise plans available for 5+ users. Please inquire

Why Choose ToPost?

We’re upfront with our costs and keep it as straight forward as possible. No hidden costs, no re-negotiated charges mid-contract.

We grow with your business. If you require to scale up then we can meet your needs. If you need to reduce your plan, then we can adapt to suit you.

We’re competitive and affordable. We provide a fantastic social media management platform to rival the big players at a fraction of their costs.

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