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April 13, 2020

Commencing April 2020, Topodium Group will provide TopYa! with a full-service marketing solution; encompassing marketing strategy; B2B and B2C digital marketing; social media management, website design and SEO optimisation, amongst the plethora of agreed services via their innovative ‘Powered By’ solution.

TopYa!’s virtual sports and activity coaching platform has seen exponential growth with the sporting worlds recent shift to at-home learning solutions. Their platform has recently entered Apple’s Top 25 Chart for Global Sports Apps.

Topodium Group Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Sharman, commented: “We are proud to be working with TopYa! and providing them with a complete, robust marketing solution; our unique ‘Powered By’ marketing solution provides everything from videography, design, website management and social media, to paid digital marketing and advertising. Simply put, we are an extension of their team, and work diligently to deliver responsive marketing initiatives returning high-quality outcomes across the TopYa! business.”

TopYa! engage with young people around the world through their innovative learning-by-doing ethos, patented virtual coaching services and inspiring challenges.

Co-Founder and CEO for TopYa!, Jason Keller, said: “Topodium Group will really help us to drive continued business growth over the coming years. We’re truly excited at having access to their talent and expertise as an extension to our team, providing a breadth of marketing services which we’d otherwise not be able to access. The partnership is already turning out great results too, such as our well-received #VirtualSeason digital campaign across the United States and our upcoming global Virtual Camps project.”

Topodium Group’s Chris Sharman hinted at more to come with the TopYa! partnership: “The breadth of value we can provide to businesses is well exampled with TopYa! who, alongside our marketing support, can look forward to business and operational development here in the UK through our Topodium Kids division, set to launch later this month. Truly listening to the needs of our partners and applying our expertise to harness success is what we do best.”

About TopYa!

The TopYa! SaaS platform services sports organisations, associations, national governing bodies and schools in the US, UK and India as well as players, students and families worldwide.

TopYa!’s platform encompasses core engines with robust APIs that feed the TopYa! apps, white labeled apps, web-based administrative tools and operational workflows. These core engines include its patented “Learning by Doing” micro challenge and social model supported by virtual coaching; player assessments, itinerary and homework; organisation management; contests and fundraisers driven by user generated content; and its digital network that activates brands and feeds user generated video content from the apps to customer and partner websites. For more information, visit the TopYa! website.

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