Launching Amid Lockdown: Topodium Group Sets-Up Shop

Topodium Group Launch

Written by Topodium Group

Part agency, part consultancy, part of your team. Topodium Group is a full-service agency specialising in the sport and leisure, visitor attractions and education sectors; providing marketing, technology and innovation solutions to ignite growth.

April 1, 2020

Topodium Group, a new agency focused on full-service marketing and innovation solutions, has officially launched as many businesses worldwide are forced to close their doors or go into lockdown, due to the mass disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

With offices in Basingstoke, United Kingdom and Denver, United States, Topodium Group is spearheaded by two Founders at opposite sides of the Atlantic. Chris Sharman, UK Co-Founder, has a wealth of experience in consultancy, marketing and business development and is optimistic about the road ahead:

“Some would consider this a crazy time to launch a new business,” commented Chris, “starting up at the best of times has its challenges, though right now there are a lot of obstacles to success. We only have to look back at history to see some of the worst depressions have served as launchpads for incredible businesses. To launch Topodium Group during this time, we’re leaning into the challenge, and we’re saying ‘now is the time to provide and deliver real value to the world around us’.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Ryan Grimshaw, commented: “We’re focused on adding value and helping businesses not only survive, but thrive during this time. This is a celebratory moment for Topodium Group and we’ve worked hard to get to this position, yet we’re under no illusion that this is a very difficult time for many businesses and owners. They’re having to make incredibly tough decisions. Let there be no doubt, we stand alongside those businesses, and we’re reaching out to them to see if we can help in any way at all. That’s even more of a reason for us to launch right now, so we can support, provide stewardship and listen to the most pressing needs of businesses.”

With a headcount of under 20 staffers, the Agency operates as a tight-knit team despite its geographic span. Since the UK Government advised for employees to work remotely where possible, the newly announced team at Topodium Group are all working from their homes, across the South of England and overseas.

“We have a digital-savvy team who are used to various communication methods, and liaising with colleagues in different time zones” said Chris, “though many of the team haven’t worked from home before so this is all new learning to them. They have swiftly adapted their ways of working and have kept our tenacious yet fun culture alive. We’re very fortunate to have a good footing as we hit the ground running, and doing the best for our partners is at the centre of everything right now. ”

Topodium Group already have an impressive client list across the sport and leisure, visitor attractions and education sectors; from an international premium health and wellbeing chain, to an American market-leader specialising in museums, zoos and aquariums; to small and medium enterprises such as a Brighton-based events agency, and an interactive fitness product start-up.

“There is a lot we can be doing to help our local businesses and people, and those further across the globe; from flexible payment plans, critical social media management and customer communications, to getting businesses quickly online with websites, remote staff portals and engagement apps.”

“I am proud of our team who have been reaching out through their individual networks to offer assistance. We’ve had colleagues offering 30 minute consultation sessions to writing up advice articles in their down time. We’re also offering free digital marketing health checks.” Chris continued, “Even before the pandemic, we said Topodium Group has the agility of a start-up; the drive, experience and creativity of an agency; and the strategy and leadership of a large organisation, but most of all Topodium Group should be empathetic and act as an extension of our partners own teams. We’re all in this together and we’re here for the journey.”

For media enquiries about Topodium Group, or to request further images or interview opportunities, please contact Senior Marketing Manager, Ryan Grimshaw. T: +44 (0)3302 233 613 E:

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