Live Doodle

BRIEF: To design the creative assets for an interactive app-based colouring book.


Our team of Topodium Marketing designers worked very closely with partner The Business Creative and their animators and app developers to assist in the creation of an interactive and entertaining experience for children called Live Doodle, an interactive colouring experience for children and families. 

A user would select their chosen character using a handheld device, then colour and personalise that character using the colouring tools within the Live Doodle App. Once complete, the newly-coloured character would be electronically sent off into a beach themed landscape, visible on a large screen in the same room. The user can then enjoy seeing their creation come to life, moving around and inhabiting the space on screen. 

Alongside creating the Live Doodle branding, we worked on developing the in app designs as well as a number of seaside themed characters which children could select and colour in. Working with The Business Creative’s concept team, animators and app developers, we created design assets to help bring each character to life, giving them expressions and movement patterns. Finally, we carefully designed each element of the interactive beach themed landscape in which these characters would inhabit once ‘pushed’ up onto the big screen.    

The Business Creative initially produced their Live Doodle product for one of their holiday park partners and have exciting plans to expand the concept out across other leisure and tourism businesses using different themes.

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