Marketing Health Check

A Topodium Marketing Health Check is the first step on your journey to a better brand, greater insights and business growth.


As with any type of health check, we want to make sure you’re in optimum condition and that there are no underlying surprises. Whether you have an integrated, inbound, bells-and-whistles marketing strategy or you’re simply dabbling in a few marketing activities, consider our Marketing Health Check your base-camp for all your digital marketing and online efforts.

With the guidance and expertise of our Topodium Marketing team, we’ll provide you valuable insights and marketing tips, identify your essential actions,  and give you plenty of ideas on how to get your brand from the rocky foothills to the peaks of success.

What are the Benefits of a

Marketing Health Check?

Our Marketing Health Checks are appropriate for all size and types of companies, from those with little marketing experience to those who require guidance in furthering their marketing ambitions. You may have no marketing plan or strategy at all and are looking for a great foundation to build on, or perhaps you’re currently implementing a plan but it may not be working as well as anticipated.

A Marketing Health Check can be used as a benchmark in your marketing audit process. The outcomes enable you to easily identify:

1. Misaligned activities or inefficient use of marketing resources

2. Opportunities for increased profitability

3. Opportunities for greater impact

4. Opportunities for improved market visibility

What’s the Marketing Health Check Process?


Understanding your marketing activities, proving your marketing worth, and identifying opportunities to refine your current strategy are key. Are you certain that those hours spent posting on social media are paying off? Are you producing hundreds of blog posts but seeing no increase in web traffic? Can your prospective customers can even find you online? Not only will we analyse and identify what’s working and what could do with some care and attention, we’ll also explain why in our consultation session – no jargon, no selling, just sharing our knowledge.


Submit Questionnaire


For both Entry and Enhanced Level Marketing Health Checks we’ll send you a simple and easy to complete questionnaire to help us get started on producing your marketing report.

For the Enhanced Marketing Health Check, we’ll throw in a quick kick-off call so we can get to know your business and goals that little bit better.


Receive Marketing Health Check Report


Sit tight, the cogs are turning and ideas flowing. Our team of marketing experts are analysing your digital and online activity with qualitative and quantitate data.

Your Marketing Health Check will be sent to you along with an easy link to book in your consultation and review call.


Consultation and Review Call


For Entry Level Marketing Health Checks, you’ll receive a 30 minute review call where we’ll present your key actionable items and talk through the report, and answer any questions you may have.

For the Enhanced Level Marketing Health Checks, a 45 minute review will provide plenty of time to get to grips with your helpful and relevant takeaway actions, and pick the brains of our marketing experts.

Entry Level

Marketing Health Check



Website and SEO Review

Content Review

Social Media Review

Brand, Communications and Messaging Review

Interactive document to share with your internal stakeholders

5 key action items

30 minute consultation and review call

Enhanced Level

Marketing Health Check


Entry Level Marketing Health Check+

30 minute kick-off call

Competitors overview analysis

10-15 key action items filtered by high, medium and low priority

45 minute consultation and review call

Access to Topodium Group Social Media Management platform FREE 30 day trial

“Our Marketing Health Checks contain a quantitive and qualitative overview of your current marketing activities, and include plenty of marketing tips and key actionable items which you can apply directly to your business immediately. Our consultation call adds extra value too, all in the name of growing your brand, driving growth and providing return on investment for your marketing activities.”

– Ryan Grimshaw, Topodium Group Senior Marketing Manager